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On July 30, 2015 Edward "Ed" Hunter Trattner passed away peacefully of natural causes. Ed was 59 years old.

Born September 25, 1955 in Calcutta, India to Ruth and Henry Trattner, he was the elder of two sons. From an early age Edward was a dedicated reader, a hobby that was shared with his younger brother James. The two participated in Boy Scouts and Edward developed a lifelong passion for the Scouting tradition, continuing to volunteer throughout his life.

A love of the past, especially United States history, was instilled at an early age. He attended Arkansas College in Batesville Arkansas earning a BA in History. He went on to earn a MBA from UCO and Law Degree from OCU. For many years he practiced law with his father, the two working closely together on a daily basis.

Ed was passionate about his country, a dedicated patriot,  and he was proud to support honorable military personnel. If you had a political, legal, or history question he was the one to call in the family. His advice was always well thought out and trusted. "Have you called Ed?" was a common question. He was also an exceptional marksman and a lifetime member of the NRA.

Gifted with a dry sense of humor Ed entertained those around him with Monty Python quotes and Mystery Science Theater expositions. "'Tis but a scratch!" was often shared over family dinners. He brought intelligence and humor to any situation, understanding and optimism, he served as a rock to his family, a sounding board, and a trusted friend. The hole in their lives left by his passing is wide and deep.

Edward is preceded in death by his much loved mother Naoma Ruth Trattner.

Edward is survived by his devoted family including father Henry Trattner, brother James Trattner and sister-in-law Jan Trattner, children: Robert Trattner and family; Ashley Trattner.  Niece and nephew Kathryn and Stephen Trattner and their families, his beloved life companion Marilyn Landoll, and more friends and friendly acquaintances than can be counted.


Edward Hunter Trattner was born in Calcutta, India in 1955.  He lived in Oklahoma City most of his life. He earned an MBA from UCO, became an attorney.  He had two children, Robert and Ashley. He loved and was loved intensely. He was a son, a brother, a father. There are important dates; births, graduations, life events; the things large and small that come together to be a life, to form a history.

The man that I knew was Uncle Eck. The Eck from before I could speak properly and it became Uncle Ed. But somehow the Eck held on. He was a tolerant voice on the other end of the phone, a man who laughed with his whole body when he thought something was really funny. He loaned me books and talked about movies, he knew a little bit about everything and was more than willing to answer silly questions.

But I have an incomplete picture of my uncle. He was a friend and father, he was a partner and brother but I can't see into those relationships. There are sides of him that I never would have seen given more time, but those are sides that others would have and for that I'm sorry. I'm sorry that we all didn't get to have just a little bit more time.

We are, all of us, far from perfect. When someone passes we tell each other to remember the good things, the happy times, because life is short and things can end quickly. The man I'm going to remember is this one: on the death of my favorite author he sent me a text telling me how sorry he was. He knew how that author had changed my life, how his words had become a part of who I am. We'd discussed the upcoming final book that would be released, speculated and traded theories. We were both looking forward to reading it.

It's hard for me to imagine a world where I reach the last page and I won't be able to give Uncle Ed a call.  

On My Father's Birthday

On My Father's Birthday