I’m a mom, writer, and photographer living on too many energy drinks and not enough sleep. Also, an obsession with Bob’s Burgers.

I share a tiny apartment with two toddlers and Newt, a very grumpy senior cat. The kids love her but it’s an unrequited affair. She hides the minute they come through the door. But so far they haven’t given up on earning her affection.

I love books in any form but there's something magical about holding one in your hand. In the last few years I’ve gotten better about going digital but nothing will ever make me give up my hardcover Terry Pratchett novels.

I’ve worked with a local wedding photographer (Robyn Icks Photography) for several years now and discovered I love weddings. All of them. Every part. They’re bright and fresh and remind me every time how important love is and how lucky we are when we find it.

I’m always planning my next adventure with this wonderful man and starting a new book.